Throughout my life I have had a relentless dissatisfaction with the status quo. I have always searched for something more, trying to lift the veil on things. See things. I like to challenge myself.  

 Words cannot describe some things. Sometimes only an image or a sound, a smell or a touch, can give us what we need. I find inspiration in that need.  

 After a near fatal head injury in my teens, and several near death experiences since, I've realized how fleeting life is.

My biggest goal in life is to find happiness. I'm striving to find the balance between the need to earn a living and the desire to create and be free. I'm always working to maintain a life that meets both those needs. 

 Designing and building spaces gives me a sense of satisfaction. I enjoy having something tangible at the end of the day to measure my productivity with. The elements of a well designed space promote more creativity, efficiency, and a sense of peace in people.  

 My photography gives me the creative outlet I need and is one of the things that gives me the strength to be alive. It is a way for me to show others what I see, if only for a moment.